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TeenBuilding-Hawaii is an incorporated nonprofit agency organized for the purpose of increasing high school graduation rates, promoting higher education, and providing a positive venue for teens to develop life leadership skills that emphasize personal and academic accountability.  We love our mission.  Would you like to help?  Contact us...

Students attending TeenBuildingUSA seminars receive free books and other take-home material that serve as a continuing education system specifically designed to remind, encourage, and enable the students to seek an expanded set of existing options to plan for, prepare, and propel them through a successful high-school experience.​

Our partnership network continues to grow. And we need your help getting the word out to organizations that can benefit from our free seminars and dynamic presentations.   We focus primarily on serving the immediate-but-transitional needs of today’s teens. Our goal is to provide a visionary forum where teens can see, learn, understand, and begin to build a strong foundation for academic success and self-made opportunities.